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Ultimate  Bubble Soccer

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Ultimate  bubble Soccer

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Ultimate Bubble Soccer

Ultimate Bubble

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We are professional, social and corporate team building events & activities organisers in Melbourne that organise fun-filled and competitive fun games for friends, families, and corporate teams. We know that everyone does not love the mainstream lunch and dinner parties and outings to celebrate a special occasion or to foster team spirit in their office teams. We have some thrilling activities to engage in for you. Our action-packed team games in Melbourne include Bubble Soccer (or Zorb Soccer), Human Foosball, Soapy Soccer, Quidditch, Floorball and also the Beach Olympics.

Our corporate team building events in Melbourne are a big hit amongst small, medium or large companies for their sheer thrill and excitement. We work closely with your team members to determine team building activities suitable for them and to improve their interpersonal and collaborative skills. Having worked with small and big brands, we understand your objectives and work closely with you to achieve them.

We are mobile and offer our services across Melbourne and across greater Victoria at any appropriate location that is near you such as parks, sporting ovals, and open spaces. Get ready for an awesome day out with your mates (and a great workout!). Check out our social and corporate team building event activities in Melbourne below and get in touch with us today to discuss your team’s specific needs.

Corporate Team Building Events Melbourne: When it comes to team building events and activities for big and small companies, one of the crucial factors that determines its success is the variety of activities being organised. A corporate team consists of team members that belong to various age groups and that have different preferences for having fun. We include a mix of fun games in our corporate team building events packages – so that there is something for everyone to enjoy and you are guaranteed to have a great day out. We host these at hundreds of locations around Melbourne and Victoria. Get in touch with us today to organise an event at a location near you!

Fun Games for Birthday Parties in Melbourne: Driven by our passion to entertain, we offer fun games packages for kids, teens and adults’ birthdays. For school children, we offer structured and unstructured birthday party games and for teens and adults we organise fun games that are suitable for their age, preference, occasion, and the weather.

Fun Games for School Events: Ultimate Bubble Soccer has a terrific track record of working with schools across fetes and carnivals, where we hand out Bubble Soccer birthday party vouchers to be auctioned off or used in raffles. As big supporters of Australian schools, we also donate 20% of our earnings directly back to your school. We are always a big hit with the kids and will work with you to make your next school fete or carnival the best ever!

Fun Buck’s & Hen’s Outdoor Party Games: We know what it means to celebrate a Buck’s and a Hen’s day in a way that you will remember for a long time to come – not so much the buck or hen though! And as such we organise thrilling and fun-filled Buck’s and Hen’s party games in Melbourne for your mates to enjoy through the day and get ready for the events in the evening. Our Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball, Soapy Soccer, Quidditch, Floorball and Beach Olympics sessions provide the perfect activity to get your Buck’s or Hen’s party underway!

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Testimonial 9
2018-04-24 06:31:29
Just wanted to say thanks to the guys at Ultimate Bubble guys made the event by engaging all the participants and made it fun and exciting...cheers!
Co Founder
Testimonial 8
2018-04-24 06:29:50
just wanted to say how much our group enjoyed bubble soccer with you guys....everything was planned run smoothly and the staff were really nice funny and very helpful.
Co Founder
Testimonial 7
2018-04-24 06:27:55
Our boys had a ball with twenty of their friends. Thank you, Eugene! Your are an amazing host.
Co Founder
Testimonial 6
2018-04-24 06:26:32
Participated in the floorball event organised by Ultimate Bubble Soccer this month. The event was really well run and the hosts were super friendly. All of us had a great time. Would highly recommend!
Co Founder
Testimonial 5
2018-04-24 06:25:21
I had Eugene supervise our Quidditch event with me and my mates and it was fantastic. A lot of fun! Definitely recommend for all everyone.
Co Founder
Testimonial 4
2018-04-24 06:17:47
Thanks again Eugene for an incredible soapy soccer experience. It was such a great start to our hens night and all the girls loved the different soapy soccer games.
Co Founder
2018-04-24 06:15:08
We hired Ultimate Bubble Soccer to run our human foosball bucks party last week and Eugene was very accommodating with our changes in time and location....the event ran smoothly and Eugene was great and got the whole group engaged.
Co Founder
Testimonial 2
2018-03-29 06:04:02
I would absolutely recommend this activity for your company or social event ... the hosts were great , the activity was so much fun .. everyone enjoyed a lot, it definitely exceeded our expectations .. I'll be contacting you soon because I'm sure my children would love a "bubble soccer birthday" .. thanks guys, keep smashing it !
Co Founder
Testimonial 1
2018-03-29 06:02:43
Thank you so much for organising my kids birthday party.They're still talking about all the bubble games and chicken run activities they did.They all want to do it again so I will be in contact soon.
Luisa Medvedeva
Co Founder
Testimonial 10
2018-03-24 06:33:10
Eugene was a fun and enthusiastic host for our work social quidditch and floor ball games! Everyone was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the games and we would highly recommend this company for future events and anyone wanting to participate in these activities!!!
Co Founder
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Ultimate Bubble Soccer guarantees your next corporate team building event, social event or high school fete will be just as thrilling, engaging and interactive as the photos in our gallery.



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